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Let TSPT Help Keep Your New Years Resolution!

People try to get a jump start on their fitness as the New Year rings, however, many of are going about it the wrong way. Unfortunately some injuries don’t get better with just working out, or without a proper physical therapy routine. The main reason for most injuries lingering, of this nature: too much repetition or stress to the injury in too short of time. At TheraSport Physical Therapy, we know it is important to communicate to the individual how crucial it is to build up a fitness routine slowly and carefully, keeping in mind proper nutrition and adequate rest.

Keep your New Years Resolutions with these tips:

Eat Well. Stay Hydrated. After the holidays you may be reaching for cold weather comfort food, but eating fruits and vegetables while drinking water throughout the day can provide you with improved energy. Proper nutrition will also give your muscles the right nutrients they need to limit inflammation and facilitate increased metabolism.

Warm Up. Stretch. Give yourself at least 10-15 minutes prior to your workout to warm-up your body. Dynamic stretches are also a great way to start a workout and get your blood flowing before you move into your cardio or workout routine.

Build Resistance. Recover. If you are sore for more than 3 days following a workout than you probably went a little too hard a little too much. To avoid injury you must build up your routine and recover properly. At TheraSport Physical Therapy we provide a proper exercise program that will give your body exactly what it needs to build strength, stamina, with time for recovery.

Call TheraSport Physical Therapy today, to make an appointment with our skilled physical therapists. Our therapy team will discuss a program that is suitable for you to keep those New Year’s Resolutions! Even if you aren’t prone to injury, your therapist can give you some education on proper technique and form in order to keep you injury-free.

Let TSPT help you with your fitness New Year’s Resolution plan. Call one of our two conveniently located New Jersey facilities now, to get you started! Ring in the New Year by being healthy and injury-free and let us help you every step of the way!

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TheraSport Physical Therapy Welcomes Jennifer Liss, DPT!

Jennifer Liss, DPT,  is a physical therapist and vestibular
rehabilitation specialist. She received her Bachelor of
Science degree from Trenton State College where she was
a Division III All-American tennis player. Jen went on to
receive a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Temple
University and completed her Doctoral degree at the Richard
Stockton College of New Jersey. She obtained the nationally
recognized Susan Herdman vestibular certification at Emory
University in 2010. Jen has also completed all parts of the
McKenzie Institute’s curriculum for the assessment and
treatment of spinal disorders.  She is one of few physical
therapists with this level of dual expertise.

Are you Suffering from Vestibular Symptoms?

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?
Vestibular rehab is a conservative treatment option for patients suffering from vertigo, dizziness, balance and/or gait dysfunction.

Who Can Benefit From Vestibular Rehabilitation?
• Patients suffering from post-concussive syndrome
• Patients with BPPV (vertigo)
• Patients diagnosed with vestibular hypofunction
• Patients suffering from neurological disorders
• Patients suffering from cervicogenic dizziness
• Patients with peripheral neuropathy
• Patients with dizziness or loss of balance

Why Choose a Susan Herdman Certified Vestibular PT?
• Must pass rigorous exam to achieve certification
• Trained in use of Frenzel magnification lenses to accurately diagnose pathology
• Extensively trained in oculomotor examination to address visual deficits following injury
• Trained in detailed neurological examination for post-concussive patients prior to return to play
• Trained in repositioning maneuvers, adaptation, substitution and habituation programs
• Extensively trained to interpret diagnostic test findings relevant to vestibular rehab
• Trained in targeted treatment techniques to address deficits found on evaluation

TheraSport Physical Therapy features the Biodex Balance System to maximize your rehabilitation.

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Introducing The TheraSport Physical Therapy Blog!

Welcome friends! Stayed tuned for more information from the TheraSport Physical Therapy Team! Coming Soon!


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