TheraSport Physical Therapy: Fall Leaves

Yard clean up and raking leaves is a necessity during the fall months. For those not used to vigorous outdoor activities, the dynamics of seasonal yard work can lead to numerous injuries of the shoulders, back, wrist, and other areas over stressed by repetitive motion.

When you do rake leaves you are twisting, bending, extending, lifting, and carrying weights you are not used to in your regular daily activities. Improper use of lawn tools or working without paying attention to form could result in pain later.

Physical Therapy aids in pain relief, improved motion and a greater quality of life. At TheraSport Physical Therapy, our approach is friendly, evidence-based and innovative. You will get direct attention and hands-on treatment from our highly-skilled Physical Therapists during every visit. Being an active participant in the treatments you will become more educated about your body, so you will understand how to manage your condition or treatment routine.

TheraSport Physical Therapy concentrates on your wellness and provides exceptional therapy services.

We look forward to getting to know you, helping you achieve results and becoming your preferred Physical Therapist.

Contact TSPT today to find out more!


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