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How to Find the Right Physical Therapist and Clinic for You

Once you’ve made the decision to seek physical therapy for pain relief or injury rehabilitation, the next question becomes, “Where do I go?” You will want to find a therapist who is licensed, knowledgeable, and capable of treating your condition. Knowing what to look for in a therapist is key in making your decision.


Qualifications of a Good Physical Therapist

Good physical therapists are knowledgeable in many areas, including anatomy, physiology, body mechanics, and the cardiopulmonary system, to name a few. They are highly trained in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal problems.


Specialized Treatment

In addition to providing a high-quality physical therapy, at TheraSport, we provide highly specialized treatment to meet your specific needs.

For example, Jennifer Perno is a board certified specialist in sports rehabilitation who has focused her career in orthopedics and neurological rehabilitation.

Do you have trouble with balance or occasionally get dizzy during the day? Jennifer Liss is certified in vestibular rehabilitation and can evaluate your symptoms.

In choosing the right physical therapist for you, it’s important to keep in mind that your outcome may be better under the care of a therapist trained in the area with which you need help.


Things to Consider When Seeking Physical Therapy Treatment

Convenient Location and Hours:

Depending on your injury or condition, your physical therapy plan may require multiple visits each week, over several weeks or months. Finding a physical therapy clinic close to your home or work may be a priority for you. You should also make sure your clinic can accommodate appointments before or after your normal work hours.



If any of your friends or family have undergone physical therapy treatment, ask them about their experience and if they would return to the same physical therapist. At TheraSport’s Merchantville office, we treat many patients that live within walking distance, as we have a convenient location in a prominent area of town.


Quality of Care:

In determining the right physical therapist for you, you’ll also want to look for someone who is a good listener, who takes an interest in you as a person, and who is committed to helping you overcome your pain or limitation. This enables your therapist to create a customized physical therapy treatment plan that addresses your unique needs, so you can attain optimal physical condition and resume your regular activities as quickly as possible.

For more information go to our TheraSport Physical Therapy website.



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