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TheraSport Physical Therapy on Post-Concussion Treatment and Neck Injury

Have you been tuning in to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia? If you stop in for an evaluation, or for treatment at TheraSport in our Merchantville, NJ office, you can find patients and staff watching intently! If you were watching the Winter Olympics Sunday night, you would have seen a female snowboarder, by the name of Sarka Pacochova from the Czech Republic, take an ugly fall during the Ladies Slopestyle event, which resulted in her falling and hitting her head violently on the hard snow. Luckily, she was wearing a protective helmet, which she ended up splitting right down the middle from the fall.


Head injuries, like the one Pacochova sustained Sunday night, can be traumatic, resulting in concussion, and sometimes severe neck injury. At TheraSport Physical Therapy, we treat both every day. Our vestibular rehabilitation specialist, Jennifer Liss, DPT, is certified to evaluate and treat post-concussion symptoms, using specialized therapeutic activities. In addition to treating vestibular issues and concussions, at TheraSport we treat cervical (neck) injuries using activities and exercises designed for injuries including, but not limited to, bulging discs, sprains/strains, whiplash, and post-operative fusions and discectomies.

Stop in our offices, located in Merchantville, NJ (856-661-0200), or Sewell, NJ (856-256-8393) for an evaluation, and take your next step toward recovery.

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