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TheraSport Physical Therapy – Maximizing Performance & Rehabilitation

therasport physical therapy

Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

TheraSport Physical Therapy is a privately owned physical therapy practice with two clinic locations—one in Merchantville, NJ and one in Sewell, NJ.  We pride ourselves on the clinical expertise of our therapy staff.  All of our therapists have 12 or more years of experience treating patients.  We have worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings so we are familiar with the many complications which may arise post-operatively with orthopedic patients who are now seen very acutely in outpatient clinics.  With the aging population, many medical factors influence our clinical decision making and must be taken into account when providing therapy services.  With our extensive experience with both cardiopulmonary and neurological populations in the inpatient setting, we feel that our clinical expertise is far beyond most other outpatient therapy clinics.

We offer four unique subspecialties within the field of physical therapy at our practice.  We have a Sports Certified Specialist who is credentialed by the APTA for detailed diagnosis and treatment of the injured athlete.  There is an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist also credentialed by the APTA in the evaluation and management of orthopedic and post-operative patients.  These two certifications require at least two years of experience treating those specific populations and passing rigorous written examination.  We also have two clinicians Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) by the McKenzie Institute USA.  This certification requires over 100 hours of continuing education in the mechanical evaluation and diagnosis of the cervical spine, lumbar spine and the extremities.  We offer a final subspecialty certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation through the Susan Herdman program based out of Emory University.  This is one of the most intensive, nationally recognized training programs currently offered in the field of vestibular therapy.  Both the MDT and Vestibular certifications require passing written and practical examination.

TheraSport Physical Therapy prides itself on faster, more effective long-term patient outcomes.  We are highly trained diagnosticians who perform detailed physical examination and establish individualized treatment plans based on clinical findings.  We encourage extensive continuing education and pride ourselves on the superior clinical skills of our staff.  We consistently deliver the highest quality care to our patients and tailor each and every therapy program to the specific needs of the individual.  We thank you for allowing us to participate in your care.

Our Locations:

Washington Township

14 Parke Place Suite D

Sewell, New Jersey 08080

P: 856.256.8393


30 W. Maple Avenue

Merchantville, New Jersey 08109

P: 856.661.0200

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