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ImPACT testing at TheraSport Physical Therapy

What is ImPACT testing?  

•    Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing
•    20 minute neuro-cognitive assessment tool
•    Provides useful information to assist qualified practitioners in return to play decisions
•    Most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system

What are the features of the test?

•    Measures verbal and visual memory, processing speed and reaction time
•    Results are presented as PDF file and can be emailed
•    Automatically stores baseline data and repeat test data for each individual
•    Testing can be administered online for individuals or groups

Why perform baseline ImPACT testing?

•    It is highly recommended that Contact/Collision sport athletes receive a baseline test
•    Normative data is available but NOT as accurate as a personal baseline test
•    Baseline tests benefit a child with a learning disability &/or a child who is gifted/talented

Which athletes are at greatest risk?

•    Sports which involve most head contact—football and ice hockey
•    Next highest risk sports—gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, basketball and lacrosse
•    Unfortunately, concussions can happen any time—could benefit everyone ages 10-59

At what age is it valid to begin baseline ImPACT testing and does it need to be repeated?

•    Norms have been established for comparison beginning at age 10
•    Baseline testing should be repeated every 2 years until brain fully developed (age 18)

What is the evidence supporting the use of ImPACT testing?

•    Extensive literature provided at on validity of test
•    Use of computerized neurocognitive testing in conjunction with detailed medical management of symptom clusters leads to safer return to play for concussed athletes
What is the cost of ImPACT testing through Therasport Physical Therapy?
•    The cost is $35 for a baseline test
•    Cost $35 for ANY post-concussion test OR may be covered under your health insurance

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